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I was not expecting a transformation, but that is exactly what happened.

               Beth D., Mother

 I signed up because I wanted to learn how to fight. I realized karate is more than just fighting, going to Mental Martial Arts has helped me understand the world from a different point of view.

                 John D., Age 11

My son has acquired self-control, self-respect, self-discipline and most of all self-worth.

                  Mr & Mrs. L.  



 You taught me about self, courage, endurance, leadership, and arts.

                Stephan, Age 12 

The best thing I learned is humility.   J.M., Adult

Since martial arts there has been less stress in my life and it has drawn me closer to my son.

                Nancy S., Mother

One minute of Martial Arts blew my mind.

                  David M., Adult


About Innergetics, Inc:

Innergetics, Inc. is a non-profit organization - classified 501(c)3 under IRS regulations.

At Innergetics, Inc our first goal is to help the individual to achieve inner peace. Self-love is emphasized as each small success leads to self-excellence.

Training in the martial arts has had profound, positive effects for people challenged by stress, panic attacks, obesity, hypertension, arthritis, ADD, ADHD etc.

We also have experience working with physically and mentally challenged individuals, with great success.