A 501(c)3 Corporation

What We Offer:

All of our programs are hosted for the benefit of the community. We provide an all inclusive, non-judgmental environment for all participants.

Martial Arts Classes:


Karate, Tai-Chi, Capoeira,Aha-Saki, Silat and others. Physically connecting people with their bodies and minds.Call for class schedule


Self Defense for Everyone:


Children through seniors, including bully and sexual assault prevention. We use practical, simple techniques for personal safety and empowerment.



Mental Martial Arts

Substantial program effort aimed at changing social roles that lead to violence. Teaching people to manage their emotions, seek guidance, respect differences and see things from another's perspective can aid tremendously in finding inner peace.


Senior Power Surge Program:


Strength and Physical Fitness training especially designed for Seniors to promote mobility, flexibility, and balance.


Senior Mentoring/Volunteering Program:


Elders and youth sharing knowledge and skills to encourage personal growth and understanding.


Free Philosophy Classes - Every Saturday at 2:00pm:


This experience will give the participant an understanding of the study of life. We read various books and then discuss them for greater understanding and clarity. Come on over, come in and participate

Community Outreach Program:

We reach out to communities in Michigan working together to make peaceful changes a reality.

Seminars, demonstrations and customized classes are available to fit your needs. Please call us for more information. 586-779-7985


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